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3 Judges Suspended for Booze, Gunshots at White Castle

But by 3 a.m. in the morning, three Indiana circuit court judges, by way of a failed attempt to enter a strip club, were brawling with two strangers outside a White Castle in a drunken melee that ended with two of the judges shot and in critical condition in a hospital.

As a result, Andrew Adams, Bradley B. Jacobs and Sabrina R. Bell, were this week suspended from the bench by the Indiana Supreme Court for having “gravely undermined public trust in the dignity and decency of Indiana’s judiciary.”

The drinking began early in the evening of April 30 for Judge Jacobs, who had a scotch in the hotel lobby after checking into his room for the conference. Judge Bell extended her middle finger at a passing truck.

The dispute quickly escalated into a brawl — at one point Judge Adams kicked Mr. Kaiser in the back — but it appeared to have ended when Judge Jacobs had Mr. Kaiser pinned down, with his fist raised to strike.


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