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$700 Million Record Wrongful Death Verdict

A civil complaint filed by The Cochran Firm involving allegations of assault, battery and civil conspiracy resulted in a $700 million verdict yesterday in the Circuit Court of the 10th Judicial Circuit of Highlands County, Florida.

This is the largest verdict for a single death involving an individual event case this year in the U.S.

The charges were due to the actions of two central Florida men beating a young man until he was unconscious and burning him alive.

Aaron Doty, age 20, attended a house party on June 10, 2012 in Sebring, Florida. 

Fellow attendees, Jonathan Ray Rodriguez and Kenneth Edward Felipe, unprovoked, beat him unconscious. 

The two men then took his body to a remote wooded area, doused him in gasoline and burned him alive. 

In Circuit Court,  Monday July 15th, the estate of Doty recovered a $700 million verdict for his wrongful death. $300 million was allocated for compensatory damages and $400 million for punitive damages.

Attorneys Scott Leeds (Miami) and Channa Lloyd (Orlando) both of The Cochran Firm represented the plaintiff’s estate.

Scott Leeds of The Cochran Firm, Miami states, “This family suffered a devastating loss of monstrous proportions to lose a child. They availed themselves of the remedy in our society which is a civil remedy. The criminal justice system prevailed and now the civil justice system has prevailed as well. I am hopeful that this will close this chapter in order to allow the family to begin to heal.”

Survivors were parents Brenda Doty of Tampa, Florida and Jim Doty of Sebring, Florida. 

Channa Lloyd of The Cochran Firm Orlando explained, “It was hard for the family to live through this experience again, but hopefully they found closure. The jurors saw into the hearts of a family and understood the tragic facts surrounding Aaron’s death.” 

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