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Apple and T-Mobile Face Lawsuit Over Exposed iMessages and FaceTimes

Apple and T-Mobile are facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that their failure to disclose a security issue that made it possible for third parties to access messages and video calls sent through Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime apps jeopardized consumer privacy.

The plaintiffs, Tigran Ohanian and Regge Lopez, say Apple misled customers by promoting the security of its products without disclosing a vulnerability that made it possible for strangers to access iMessage and FaceTime interactions.

The complaint was filed on July 6 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Apple Insider and Bloomberg Law first discovered the complaint.

The complaint refers to an issue that prompted an Apple ID — the account required to download apps from the App Store and register Apple products with your iCloud account — to remain tied to a T-Mobile SIM card even after the iPhone owner had finished using that SIM card and switched phone numbers.

Read the source article at Business Insider

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