Army Veteran Participates in Malaria Drug Trial to Treat COVID-19

 An army veteran battling coronavirus has been keeping a Facebook diary of her illness. “I feel like there’s a war going on inside my body right now,” said Yvette Paz of Huntington Beach. She started experiencing symptoms March 9, when she woke up with a terrible headache and body aches. 

“You’ll start coughing, and when you regain your breath you feel like it’s difficult to take in air,” she said. She went to the VA hospital and was tested for COVID-19. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 March 16. “I was completely dumbfounded,” she said. “I said ‘How on earth, I’m someone who works out daily. I live a very healthy lifestyle.”

She began documenting her journey on Facebook. Her videos have been viewed thousands of times. “The amount of support I’ve been getting from people has been unbelievable. It’s been incredible,” she said. At one point, she ended up in the hospital with severe pneumonia. There were moments she wasn’t sure she would survive.

“This is not something where you’re surrounded by loved ones. You’re completely alone going through this. So if you can imagine the mental wear that does,” said Paz. Five days ago, under the supervision of her doctor, she’s among the patients testing whether hydroxychloroquine, a drug to treat malaria, works on coronavirus. “You do have to fit a certain description to even get it approved for use,” she said. “I happened to fit that mold. It’s a very simple medication to take,” she added. “It’s a small pill you take with water twice a day.”

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