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Biden’s Compromises with Republicans Concern Progressives

Progressives are warning Joe Biden about compromising with Republicans, saying they will hold him accountable if he moves too much toward the center if he is elected president. 

The former vice president has increasingly signaled a willingness to cooperate with Republicans as he takes a bigger lead on President Trump in national and statewide polls, a stance some interpret as a strategy to win over independents and even some Republicans who may be abandoning Trump, who has seen his approval numbers slide.

During a speech Friday to the National Education Association’s virtual Representative Assembly, Biden said change will take compromise and compromise “is not a dirty word.” “It’s how our government was designed to work,” the former vice president and longtime senator from Delaware added. “I’ve done it my whole life. No one’s ever doubted my word, and I’ve been able to bring Democrats and Republicans together in the United States Congress to pass big things, to deal with big issues.” 

The words have been noticed by progressives, who are warning Biden not to stray too far, either during the campaign or if he wins election. 

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