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Biden Wants to Restore Everything Trump Has Diminished in Obamacare

Joe Biden may not be able to unwind everything President Donald Trump has done to diminish Obamacare.

Despite Trump’s failure to repeal Obamacare, he’s forced changes on the health care system that Biden will find hard to immediately reverse, if at all. Trump’s expansion of skimpier health insurance alternatives to Obamacare, curbs on reproductive health funding and rollback of contraception coverage have been upheld in the courts. Efforts to reverse those policies are likely to draw legal battles in a court system that will bear the imprint of Trump’s conservative appointees for years.

And it’s no sure bet that Biden’s plan to build on Obamacare has a clear path in Congress, especially if Republicans keep their hold on the Senate. The unrelenting partisan divide over Obamacare has left lawmakers unable to make minor fixes to the law a decade since its passage, let alone a major revamp of how Americans get coverage. Powerful health care lobbies, despite backing Biden’s call for more Obamacare funding, have been preparing a ferocious assault against the public option, a centerpiece of Biden’s health plan.

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