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Employee Sues Central Valley Meat Company over COVID-19 Actions

An employee at Hanford, Calif.-based Central Valley Meat Co. has filed a class action lawsuit alleging the company allowed multiple employees to return to work the day after they tested positive for COVID-19 in April and May. Maria Ornelas, the plaintiff who contracted the coronavirus in April, filed the suit in the US Eastern District of California on behalf of workers at the meat packing facility.

“It is believed Central Valley Meat knowingly allowed at least one employee to work up to five additional days after testing positive for COVID-19, with multiple other employees working varying numbers of days after Central Valley Meat knew or should have known they had tested positive,” the lawsuit said. “In fact, at least one of the first workers to test positive was expressly told by Central Valley Meat to return to work in only two days, despite Central Valley Meat’s clearly knowing this, it utterly failed to comply with CDC’s guidelines.”

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