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Ex-Female Boy Scout Files Lawsuit for Harassment and Discrimination

KANSAS CITY  (AP) — A former 17-year-old female Boy Scout member contends in a lawsuit against a Kansas City-area chapter that she faced sexual harassment and discrimination before she was fired from a camp last summer.

The plaintiff and her mother, who are not identified, claim in the lawsuit against the Heart of America Council that she saw Boy Scout members barge in on women while they changed clothes at a camp and that staff also attended drunken parties, KCUR reported.

The lawsuit alleges the girl was punished for actions male Scouts got away while she was a staff member at H. Roe Bartle Scout Camp in Osceola, Missouri, last summer. She said she was sent home from camp after only 12 days for leaving camp with a male, despite having her mother’s permission to do so.

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