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Families Awarded $1.2M million Idaho Abuse Case

A federal judge has ordered a local school district to pay two disabled students and their families a combined $1.2 million for physical and emotional suffering after a jury found the district was liable for inflicting civil child abuse on the students and failing to provide them with appropriate services.

The lawsuit against Oneida County School District 351 filed on behalf of the two children and their families chronicled the highly disturbing treatment the two children endured at Malad Elementary School in Malad.

The two students — identified in court documents only by their initials, B.S. and O.C. — both sustained physical injuries at Malad Elementary School. A 350-pound electric wheelchair rolled off a ledge and landed on top of B.S., causing a broken arm bone. In another incident, O.C. crawled up a set of four stairs to attend music class. On one occasion, O.C. lost feeling in her legs, “(and) proceeded to climb the set of stairs with a dislocated kneecap, a dislocated tendon and a broken femur.”

The school also failed to come up with a safety plan for the two students, leaving them on the second floor of the building during fire drills.

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