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Four Popular Clothing Brands Hit with Patent Infringement Suits

Four clothing brands, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Levi Strauss and Nike were sued on Monday in the Western District of Texas by Hitel Technologies for patent infringement over their websites’ search and navigation systems, claiming these sites used its patented method.

The patent-in-suit is U.S. Patent No. 7,689,617 (the ’617 patent), entitled “Dynamic Learning For Navigation Systems.” This patent covers “method performed in a system involves, at a node within the system, receiving an input from a user determining that the input contains an unknown word, presenting, at least one response to the user, and based upon at least one additional input from the user, learning one or more associations for the unknown word.”

Hitel Technologies alleged that the defendants have shopping websites that they “commercialize” using the method described in claim 1 of the ’617 patent. Specifically, claim 1 of the patent covers “[a] method performed in a system comprising user navigable nodes, documents attached to the user navigable nodes, keywords associated with the user navigable nodes and having search and navigation capability…following presentation of at least one response, learning one or more associations between the unknown word and one or more keywords from the documents attached to the current node…” Hitel Technologies said the defendants take advantage and utilize this technology in their respective websites.

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