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Google Settles for $7.5M, Only Giving Victims $5 Each

As confirmed by BleepingComputer, users today are receiving emails titled, “Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus…” that offer details on the two-year class-action lawsuit Google had been litigating because of the Google+ data leak.

In October 2018, Google+ had shut down its services after information about a bug leaking user’s personal data came to light.

Although aware of this bug since May 2018 and knowing it was leaking information from some 500,000 user accounts via the Google+ API. an internal committee at Google had decided not to disclose details on the bug sooner.

Later we learned that developers using the Google+ API could actually access 52.5 million Google+ profiles, which should have remained private, according to the users’ preferences.

Read the source article at BleepingComputer.com

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