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Judge sides with doctors to block North Dakota abortion law

A federal judge has temporarily blocked a North Dakota law that would require physicians to give patients what doctors say is inaccurate information about abortion — specifically, that the effects of abortion drugs can be reversed.

“Legislation which forces physicians to tell their patients, as part of informed consent, that ‘it may be possible’ to reverse or cure an ailment, disease, illness, surgical procedure, or the effects of any medication — in the absence of any medical or scientific evidence to support such a message — is unsound, misplaced, and would not survive a constitutional challenge under any level of scrutiny,” US District Court Judge Daniel Hovland wrote in an order Tuesday.
The decision marks another win for abortion rights advocates, who are challenging a slew of state laws restricting abortion access nationwide. Federal judges have blocked early-term abortion bans in Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas and Missouri so far this year.

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