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Jury Acquittal of Double Murder Suspect

The acquittal of a man charged with the double murder of a Wyandotte County woman and her unborn baby is raising questions about how the district attorney’s office handled the case.

In a rare move, the jury made a statement, on the record, that they regretted having to find the defendant not guilty. “When I heard about this today that murder suspect Magee got off, they had to acquit him because the district attorney’s office, one of the deputy district attorney’s, Darrell Smith, screwed it up,” former KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler said, “it infuriated me, infuriated me.”

Zeigler was top cop at the department when 23-year-old Jocelyn Ybarra and her unborn baby were shot and killed. Alora Mendoza and Nicholas Magee were both arrested and charged in their murders. Mendoza pleaded guilty in 2018, becoming a witness in Magee’s case.

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