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$3M Award to Worker Hit by Customer Driving Electric Cart

An Orange County, CA, jury awarded $3 million to a retail employee who sustained serious injuries to his neck and carotid artery after he was struck by an aluminum 8-foot piece of trim by the defendant customer who was driving an electric cart in a retail store. 

The injuries required plaintiff Joseph D. Gough to undergo fusion of his spine. A big turning point in this matter came when the defendant Robert Earl Belcher was identified following a court order which required the store to provide information that led to the identity of the defendant customer.

“Sadly, my client is likely to have daily pain and some limitations for the remainder of his life,” says Eric Traut. “Though the defendant’s insurance offered the $300,000 policy limits too late, we were able to successfully help our client get justice from a jury. ‘

Read the source article at Yahoo Finance

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