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Lupus Patients Face Medication Shortage as Drug is Used For Coronavirus

The FDA has given emergency approval for doctors to use anti-malaria drugs to treat the coronavirus. Now, millions of doses could be sent to hospitals across the country. One of those malaria medications, hydroxychloroquine, is already used for chronic conditions like lupus. In Springfield, Grove Pharmacy is completely out of it already, and that is starting to worry people who already rely on it. 

“It’s not just the people that might get COVID-19 who are at risk. There are other people whose lives are in danger, said Esther Guy. “My life is in danger if I’m not able to get my medications.”

“Lupus used to be a death diagnosis,” she said. She was diagnosed in 2012 and there’s one thing she credits to saving her life.  “It’s enabled me to get out of bed by myself and walk and function by myself,” Guy said. It’s called hydroxycloroquine, commonly known as an anti-malarial drug. “The medication that I take for lupus is one of the medications they’re using for people with coronavirus. So that eased a lot of the anxiety but then when I found out there was a shortage, that made me very nervous,” Guy said.

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