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Man Spends $20,000 Securing Trademarks to Block Redskins Name Change

As Washington prepares to change its name, it may have to deal with a man named Martin McCaulay. In recent weeks, McCaulay has squatted on several potential names for the team, via applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It’s not a new hobby for McCaulay; back in 2015, FOX5 highlighted McCaulay’s effort to get ahead of the curve.

“I can really see into the future on this issue,” McCaulay told FOX5 at the time. “Now when I look into the future, I see no change for ten years, and then in ten years, I see the name changing to the Washington Warriors. And if not the Warriors, then the Americans.”

McCaulay’s vision was a bit cloudy. Only five years after predicting no change in the next 10, the name is changing. As of the posting of the FOX5 story in May 2015, McCaulay had registered for trademark protection on the following Washington-based names: Americans, Bravehearts, Federals, Forces, Founders, Gladiators, Monuments, Natives, Pandas, Pigskins, Red-Tailed Hawks, Renegades, Sharks, Veterans, and Tribe.

McCaulay told FOX5 that he had spent $20,000 to secure the various trademarks.

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