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Marketing Strategies During COVID-19: A Media Update

By Steve Nober, CAMG


As we face the COVID-19 crisis together, I know many firms are focused on getting back to business. A huge part of getting that business back on track is the task of bringing in cases to your firm. To help you with that task, our media team at CAMG has laid out below relevant information about the current media landscape, whether you’re marketing for local single event or national mass torts. 


With all the bad news out there, the good news is that last week’s performance numbers were at or below acquisition costs that we have been tracking weekly through 2020. I predict that these costs will continue to drop as we progress through the second quarter of the year. 


From CAMG Media Division:  


What We’re Seeing in Local TV Markets

TV stations hold general market advertisers to a 2-week cancellation clause. (These are buyers who book non-preemptable schedules for auto, financial services, retail, and other big-name brands.) If we’re to assume last Monday, March 16, was D-Day, then the 2-week window closes this Sunday, March 29.


In the Top 50 U.S. media markets, the largest non-political advertising categories running on local market stations have been:

  • Automotive: Local dealers and dealer associations
  • Furniture Stores: Rooms-To-Go, Ashley, American Freight, Bob’s Discount, etc.
  • Quick Service Restaurants: Checkers, McDonald’s, Jack-in-the-Box, Papa John’s, etc.
  • Legal services are usually ranked in the Top 4.


Automotive and Quick Service Restaurants are two of the advertising categories that are cancelling ads. The bulk of Automotive (75%) and Quick Service Restaurant (65%) ads run after 4:30 pm. Note that 80% of Legal Services advertising runs between 6 am and 7 pm. This means it’s unlikely that Auto or Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) will release enough inventory during the day to significantly boost our access.


Additional Advertisers Pulling Back on Advertising During Day

  • Auto Insurance brands (Geico, Progressive, Liberty Mutual) run big chunks of their schedules during the day – and are pulling back. 
  • Optional Medical Procedure Brands (Clear Choice Dental Implants, SonoBelo Body Sculpting, etc.) are also pulling back as consumers want to limit exposure to coronavirus and not take on additional debt at this time. 
  • Political Advertising is probably on hold until the traditional season begins around Labor Day, with cancellation of April primaries 


What Does This Mean for CAMG and Our Clients?

  • Between 8 to 13% of TV station inventory (more on independent stations; less on network affiliates) will open up.
  • In real terms, that’s about 160-500 :30-second equivalent ad units each week per market.
  • We’ll have to battle with that inventory with Direct Response brands (SoClean, My Pillow, Plexaderm, Life Alert) who will see this as a chance to grab customers on the cheap.


What’s Our Plan?

CAMG is active across all media channels covering local and national markets, 52 weeks per year. We are in constant contact with our reps and the clients we represent are significant to those reps. CAMG will leverage the strength of our relationships with both reps and station managers to bring our clients both Lower Rates and Bonus Spots. Using empirical data, our media team will search out and utilize all current media opportunities effectively boosting our clients’ exposure and getting the most out of their hard-earned marketing dollars.


As media opportunities are fluid, changing from week to week, we will continue to keep you updated. Please visit and bookmark our CAMG COVID-19 Command Center for additional marketing and media updates. 


If you have any questions or would like to know how we can work with you to leverage these opportunities, please reach out to CAMG at info@camginc.com.  



About the Author

Steve Nober is the founder and CEO of Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG), an advertising agency that works exclusively with law firms. CAMG delivers the full spectrum of offline and online media, applying response-driven marketing to local and national campaigns in the Single Event and Mass Tort space. 

CAMG strives to be at the cutting-edge of legal marketing with innovations such as the monthly Legal Marketing Index®, CAMG’s exclusive legal infomercial format, and the nation’s first call center dedicated to intake of sex abuse cases. CAMG’s six divisions include call handling, contract processing, and medical record services, available bundled or separately. 


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