McConnell Makes Way for Direct Payments in Next Coronavirus Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) appeared to open the door on Monday to including some direct payments to Americans in a future coronavirus relief bill. 

Asked if funding for individuals like the stimulus checks included in a March package would be in the next piece of legislation, which would be the fifth in response to COVID-19, McConnell said they “could well” be.

“I think the people that have been hit the hardest are people who make about $40,000 or less. Many of them work in the hospitality industry. …. That could well be a part of it,” McConnell said. 

Congress included a $1,200 one-time payment for individuals making up to $75,000 per year in the $2.2 trillion March coronavirus stimulus package. The amount a person could receive then decreased until it hit a salary ceiling of $99,000 per year, where the direct payment was phased out altogether. 

Read the source article at The Hill


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