Nevada sues manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies blamed for opioid crisis

The Nevada Attorney General’s office announced Monday morning that they have filed an expanded lawsuit against “opioid conspirators,” stating a desire to “bring justice to multiple conspirators responsible for the opioid crisis that killed thousands of Nevadans, including elderly and vulnerable people, and devastated the state’s health care and public safety systems.”

The new lawsuit lists 45 separate manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies and individuals, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Purdue Pharma. The lawsuit claims that the defendants profited from an “ecosystem of addiction” of their own creation. “

“The defendants created an unprecedented public health crisis for their own profit and the deaths of thousands of Nevadans is on their hands,” said AG Ford. “Their conspiracy to dupe doctors into prescribing more and more deadly and addictive pills has left countless Nevada families and the state suffering in the wake of their greed. Their blatant disregard for human life shocks the conscience.”

Read the source article at Las Vegas Sun Newspaper


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