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North Texas Man Wins Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit Against SiriusXM

Thomas Buchanan had no idea how much his phone rang during the day until he had to stay home on a medical disability. “My phone would ring constantly,” Buchanan said. “I would get up to 25 phone calls a day.”

He was on all ‘Do Not Call’ lists so he didn’t understand why this was happening. “I’m entitled to lay my head down in my home and rest without my phone ringing by some company trying to sell me a product,” Buchanan said. He got calls from all kinds of companies and he documented them all. But calls from SiriusXM stood out the most because he never had an account with them.

He said he tried to get them to stop by all means necessary. “Contacted the local police department and they laughed and said we get those calls even here all the time there’s nothing you can do about it,” Buchanan said.

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