October 11, 2018

NY Appellate Court Affirms Increase in Pain and Suffering Award to $5.5M to Mesothelioma Victim

Thomas McGlynn worked as a shipfitter and laborer in shipyards and aboard ships in New York and New Jersey from 1976 until the late 1980’s. During that time, he was exposed to asbestos-containing products including valves manufactured by Jenkins Bros.

In Idell v. Aerco International, Inc. (1st Dept. 2018), the appellate court affirmed the increase in past pain and suffering damages to $4,000,000 but reinstated the jury’s $1,500,000 award for future pain and suffering. Thus, the total pain and suffering award stands at $5,500,000 ($4,000,000 past, $1,500,000 future).

Read the source article in the New York Injury Cases Blog.

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