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Paralyzed woman recovers $56M after botched spinal surgery

A jury awarded $55.9 million to a Pomona, NY, woman and her husband after a medical malpractice trial over allegations that a botched spinal surgery left her a quadriplegic.

The woman, Patricia Jones, was 56 when she underwent surgery in 2009, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, after complaining of pain and tingling in her arms, hands and neck, said her lawyer, Evan Torgan.

During a surgery intended to alleviate her pain, Jones became injured when a piece of fractured bone became embedded in the protective covering of the spinal cord, which caused a contusion to the cord, he said. The procedure, called a laminectomy, was performed by Dr. George Alexander Jones, who was assisted by Dr. Daniel Spitzer.

Although testing to monitor the spinal cord during the procedure detected an injury, the doctors proceeded with the surgery and stated in their records that there were no adverse events

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