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Pharmacists Urge Caution About Potential Drugs to Treat COVID-19

There has been a lot of talk lately about certain drugs helping to fight COVID-19. President Donald Trump has even gone as far as talking about them, but there’s a problem. Doctors say we don’t actually know if they work or not.

Patrick Brian and his pharmacy staff have become counselors in some ways, calming the fears of customers.

“We’re doing everything we have to do to take care of our customers and make sure everybody stays well,” said Brian, pharmacy manager. “Just making comments about the craziness of it. You get used to it, just to, it’s kind of scary and also to be able to try to have a little bit of levity with them to not be so serious about it.”

When President Trump mentioned drugs commonly used for treating malaria to right coronavirus, pharmacies like James Drug Store in Denham Springs were inundated with questions.

“None of these medications qualify as good science. What they do qualify as is antidotes, antidotes of hope,” said Dr. Thomas.

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