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Residents Want Prosecutor to Resign Following Conviction of Child Molesters

WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. — Dozens of people in Webster County have taken to social media to share outrage over the sentencing of Aaron and Petie Schwartz after being convicted of child molestation. The brothers received five years of probation.

Now, Tiffany Hill and Mel Pleasant want Webster County Prosecutor Ben Berkstresser to resign or be removed from his position.

The two recently created an organization, called CAAP, or Child Advocacy Against Pedophilia, hoping to give a voice to victims of sexual abuse in the Amish community.

“The first is to spread awareness,” Pleasant said. “The second is to speak on the victims and what they have been through and what they continue to go through. And third is repercussions for the prosecuting attorney and the judge for light sentences.”

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