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Routing System in ASICS’ App Being Sued for Patent Infringement

Plaintiff Boxey Tech LLC sued sports equipment company ASICS America Corporation (ASICS) for patent infringement on Friday in the Southern District of Ohio over its fitness tracking app Runkeeper. The plaintiff alleged the app’s utilization of a system and method that used geographic locations to create different paths for users to select for their run violated Boxey Tech’s “Computing Paths Between Geographic Localities” patents. The patents-in-suit are U.S. Patent Nos. 8,560,238 (the ‘238 Patent) and 8,731,833 (the ‘833 Patent). The defendant claimed that ASICS knowingly and willfully directly infringed these patents and it also induced infringement.

The ’238 patent “recites a non-abstract method…for computing paths between geographical localities.” Boxey Tech claimed that this technology resolves the problem of directions if there are no street names. Claim 13 covers “[a] computer readable storage medium” enabling the provision of a path between two locations, with the path determined “at least in part” on a popularity rating.

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