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Sacklers Refuse to Pay $4.5B of own Money To Settle Opioid Claims

The family that owns Purdue Pharma, maker of Oxycontin, has rejected a demand that they give up $4.5 billion of their personal wealth to settle opioid claims against the company, according to state attorneys general negotiating with the company.

As a consequence, talks toward a national settlement with members of the Sackler family reached an impasse over the weekend, according to an email obtained by NPR.

Two attorneys general directly involved in the talks predicted in the email that the company will now file for bankruptcy “imminently.”

“States have already begun preparations for handling the bankruptcy proceedings,” wrote Josh Stein, North Carolina’s state attorney general, and Herbert Slatery, attorney general for Tennessee.

“The Sacklers refused to budge,” the email concluded, “and have declined to offer any counterproposal.”

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