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Saugus High School Teens Become Gun Safety Activists

Saugus High School students are not taking last week’s school shooting quietly: Many immediately began calling for political change in the hopes that no other student should go through the pain they will forever carry. Another school shooting is driving teens to speak out and do something since the adults won’t.

Going forward, Madi Roeschke wants to get even more involved in gun control activism. “I’ll be turning 18 next month, so I’m excited that I’ll be able to vote and make my voice matter more,” she said.

“It’s so easy to be able to buy a gun. You can buy one at Walmart,” student Michael Yoo said. “Should I be able to go buy juice and then also go buy a gun at the same store? It’s ridiculous to me.”

“Something has to be done because essentially the future of America is dying,” he said.

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