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Sheriff Sued for Signing ‘Live PD’ Filming Agreement without County Approval

The Williamson County Commissioners Court officially filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Robert Chody on Tuesday after they say he continued to allow “Live PD” producers to film in the county even though the court voted to terminate its agreement with the show last year.

The suit states that Sheriff Chody exposed the county to liability when he re-contracted with the company Big Fish to restart the show. Additionally, it states the sheriff also jeopardized criminal convictions and citizen protection for “TV ratings and exposure.”

“Sheriff Chody claims what he signed with Big Fish is not a contract, it’s just an agreement,'” the suit states. “That claim would be laughable if this issue wasn’t so serious. There is no ‘show business exception’ to the Constitution. Sheriff Chody can perform the core duties of sheriff without the live TV show. But he doesn’t want to. Instead, Sheriff Chody seeks social media and TV exposure like a moth to a light bulb – and he’s flown out of his job description to get back on TV.”


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