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Stephen Starr Restaurant Upland Miami Files for Bankruptcy

As I’ve watched mom-and-pop restaurants close one after the other thanks to COVID-19, I’ve been sad but hardly surprised. But I’ve assumed that people like Michael Solomonov, Marc Vetri and Stephen Starr are, um, immune to restaurant closings. Not so much, it turns out. Stephen Starr just declared bankruptcy on one of his many, many restaurants — this one in Florida.

As first reported by the Philadelphia Business Journal, Starr’s company S Lot Partners LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this week for his restaurant Upland Miami.

The website for Upland Miami describes the restaurant as “the exciting South Florida outpost of smash-hit New York City restaurant Upland.” But a 2017 Sun-Sentinel review described Upland Miami as “gorgeous but unsatisfying,” giving the restaurant a sad trombone-worthy one-and-a-half stars.

Read the source article at Philadelphia Magazine

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