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T-Mobile Workers Secure $8M Labor Class Settlement

T-Mobile will pay $8 million to settle California labor law violations. The telecommunications company allegedly failed to pay minimum and overtime wages; and compensation for off-the-clock work, and didn’t provide workers proper meal and rest breaks.

The proposed class involves all T-Mobile employees in California who were paid hourly wages and worked in retail locations. Law360 reports that the $8 million non-reversionary settlement fund will cover $2.4 million in attorney fees, up to $70,000 of attorney costs, $15,000 as class representative payment to Salgado, and a $300,000 Private Attorneys General Act payment.  This trickles down to each class member receiving almost $5 for each week worked in the unspecified class period, so the average class member receives about $560, with the highest settlement payment ringing in at  $1,700. (The case is Salgado v. T-Mobile USA Inc., case number 1:17-cv-00339, in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.)

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