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TikTok Allegedly Failed to Secure Adequate Licenses and Could Face Copyright Lawsuit

At the heart of the majority of short videos posted to TikTok is music – whether it be dances choreographed to Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 hit “Savage” or the Ilkan Gunuc Remix of Lalala, which coincides with a specific breed of emoji challenge videos. The problem, according to at least one major music trade body? TikTok and its parent company, Beijing-based Bytedance, has allegedly failed to secure adequate licenses for the songs being used in videos by its 800 million users worldwide. 

With that in mind, and given that an estimated 50 percent of the music featured in TikTok videos is unlicensed, David Israelite, chief executive of the National Music Publishers Association (“NMPA”), told the Financial Times in April that a major copyright infringement lawsuit was a “likely future step.” 

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