Tribes Sue Big Pharma to Attack Root of Opioid Epidemic

Lloyd B. Miller, an attorney in Virginia has dedicated his career to represent tribal governments and claims that Big Pharma is to blame for the opioid epidemic and favored profit over human lives. 

The test cases chosen by Judge Polster who presides over the opioid multi-district litigation are Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the Blackfeet Tribe. Miller claims these entities are suing big manufacturers, distributors and even chain pharmacies. It is predicted a potential settlement will be billions of dollars. 

Miller claims the opioid defendants made hundreds of billions of dollars and can afford to make things right. 

Judge Polster is pro-settlement as well and stated “a settlement will provide meaningful solutions to a national crisis.”

The crisis not only takes opioid-addicted children away from their families who physically and financially cannot care for them, but is also taking money away from healthcare, education and economic development.

The tribes hope future opioid litigation can help preserve their tribes and promote health for future generations. 

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