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Trustees Of Musicians Union Pension Plan Agree To $26.8 Million Settlement

Trustees of the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund have agreed to a $26.85 million settlement of a class action lawsuit that claimed they made a series of risky investments that endangered the pensions of thousands of musicians.

“The settlement is a victory for the Trustees, as the plaintiffs failed to prove their claims that the defendants had engaged in ‘risky’ investment decision-making,” the trustees said in announcing the settlement. “The Trustees settled because at least $17 million in proceeds from the $26.85 million settlement would be paid to the Plan by the Plan’s fiduciary insurers. None of the current or former Trustees who are defendants are paying a dime. The alternative was to drag on this sideshow and allow the available insurance to be further consumed by legal fees and expenses. Recall that the plaintiffs originally sought recovery of investment losses that they estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The plaintiffs’ lawyers can pocket the balance of the settlement proceeds if it’s approved—about $10 million. They are the ones who profited by using their unsupported mudslinging to push this case to the eve of trial before agreeing to settle for much less than they originally demanded.”

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