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Verizon is Acquiring Tracfone

Just a few months after T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint closed, Verizon has a big announcement of its own. Verizon, the nation’s largest carrier, today announced that it would acquire the largest MVNO in the US, Tracfone, in a deal worth over $6 billion.

Tracfone doesn’t operate its own network like Verizon does, but instead uses the network of major carriers for a price. There are quite a few MVNOs in the US, including Google Fi, but Tracfone is by far the largest in the country. The company serves about 21 million subscribers through brands such as Net10 Wireless, Walmart FamilyMobile, SafeLink Wireless, Clearway, Total Wireless, SimpleMobile, StraightTalk, and PagePlus.

Verizon actually serves about 13 million of Tracfone customers who use the carrier’s network.

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