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Vietnamese Bakery in Orlando is Suing Competitor for Copyright Infringement

The Vietnamese bakery in Orlando’s Mills 50 neighborhood Paris Bánh Mì is suing one of its competitors, claiming that its nearly identical name is a violation of copyright infringement laws.

The owner of the bakery in a federal lawsuit filed Sept. 2 alleged that the owner of the other bakery “willfully and with the intention of causing confusion, mistake, or deception” stole the name Paris Bánh Mì “and did so fully aware that he had no permission.”

“The Vietnamese community in Orlando is small, so whenever there’s a new business, particularly a restaurant, that pops up, people check out the restaurant,” said Thien-Vu Hogan, one of the attorneys representing the Mills 50 location. “So when you have two very similar names … it does cause confusion.”


Read the source article at Orlando Sentinel

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