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What Consumers Need to Know About Drug Shortages During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As America waits for grocery stores and sites like Amazon to restock toilet paper and thermometers, many wonder, what will happen with other essentials? Experts say there won’t be major disruptions in food supply, but analysts have expressed fears over disruptions in the drug supply chain. So what does that mean for consumers?

Most large pharmacies and drug wholesalers keep at least a month or two of prescription meds as backup, and pharmaceutical companies store medications in case of supply disruptions.But during this pandemic, the drug supply “is not unlike the toilet paper situation,” where stores may be temporarily out of stock due to people panic buying, not because of major supply chain issues, Michael Ganio, director of pharmacy practice and quality at nonprofit American Society of Health-System Pharmacist.

Erin Fox, a drug shortage expert, says that when the coronavirus outbreak began, many worried that the United States would see drug shortages because so many of the raw materials used to make various medications are exported from China, which was under an economic shutdown due to COVID-19.

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