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Wireless Carriers Settle With California Whistleblower for $116M

AT&T and Verizon have now settled a California lawsuit started back in 2012, with either carrier agreeing to pay out amounts totaling to as much as $116 million. That’s for settlement costs alone. Both carriers cite the long timeframe for the case and costly litigation for the decision. But each also continues to deny any allegations of wrong-doing, the Los Angeles Times writes.

For Verizon, the payout will equate to $68 million, overshadowing another payout of $8 million the company is set to settle for in a similar Nevada suit. That doesn’t include attorney’s fees either. For those, Verizon will pay out an additional $23.45 million.

AT&T, conversely, will pay out $48 million for the settlement as compared to its $3 million pay-out in Nevada. An additional $13 million will be tacked on for attorney’s fees.

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