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Woman Sues TSA After ‘Humiliating’ Search at a North Carolina Airport

A woman has filed a lawsuit after she claims a female TSA agent reached into her clothes and touched her genitals during a screening at a North Carolina airport last summer.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that an officer for the Transportation Security Administration was ‘effectively sexually assaulting (her) in the middle of an airport.’

It also says the defendant, who is only referred to as Robinson, inappropriately touched the plaintiff ‘for the purpose of sexual gratification and/or for the purpose of humiliating, dominating or controlling (the plaintiff).’

The lawsuit has named Robinson and the U.S. government as defendants.

The plaintiff was traveling to Los Angeles, California, through the Asheville Regional Airport in on June 27, 2019, when she was told to submit to a ‘groin search’ based on her security body scan.

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