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Xerox Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Xerox Corporation is facing a patent infringement lawsuit over its alleged appropriation of a shared data output system. The accused devices are those implementing Xerox Secure Access, a “unified ID system” that allows authenticated users to send documents securely to a centralized printing server. The case, filed on Thursday, is being held in the Western District of Texas before Judge Alan D. Albright.

Plaintiff Gallio IP LLC alleges infringement of its patent-in-suit, U.S. Patent No. 10,176,332 (the ’332 patent), titled “Server, Data Output System, Data Output Method, and Output Terminal.” According to the abstract, the ‘332 patent relates to a server, which comprises “an electronic data item receiving unit, an identification code receiving unit, an identification code storing unit, and an electronic data item transmitting unit.”

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