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Youtube Faces Lawsuit Over Not Protecting Copyrights

Grammy award-winning artist Maria Schneider on Thursday filed a class-action lawsuit against YouTube (as well as Google and Alphabet, Inc.) in California federal court accusing the giant video-sharing platform of failing to protect her and other “ordinary creators” from unauthorised copying and use of their work, reports TorrentFreak. 

According to Schneider, YouTube’s system for policing copyright infringement protects the “behemoths of the creative industry” such as major studios and record labels, but leaves small producers like her to basically to look out for themselves.

YouTube also restricts access to its takedown tools, profits from infringement, and fails to terminate repeat infringers, Schneider added. 

“YouTube, the largest video-sharing website in the world, is replete with videos infringing on the rights of copyright holders. YouTube has facilitated and induced this hotbed of copyright infringement through its development and implementation of a copyright enforcement system that protects only the most powerful copyright owners such as major studios and record labels,” states the 44-page complaint. 

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