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$21 Million Settlement for Electrical Apprentice Injured at the Prudential Center

Nicholas Dephillips, then 21, was working as an electrical apprentice for his employer Mehl Electric at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Mehl was hired by Phelps Construction Group to pull wire for a helipad that was being constructed on the roof of the building. On January 8 ,2019 Nick was pulling wire above the drop ceiling on the upper concourse when he fell through the drop ceiling approximately 15 feet to the ground. Nick sustained a complete spinal cord injury – C6 level, a C6 burst fracture with retropulsion and C7 superior anterior compression fracture, T4 superior endplate fracture, left sacral wing fracture and left scapular body fracture, posterior ligamentous disruption at C6-7, C6 corpectomy, decompression, and fusion of C5-7, posterior cervical fusion C5-7 with instrumentation, C6 laminectomy, left scapular fracture, rib fractures and left sacral fracture. These injuries have resulted in paralysis from the chest down. Nick has use of his arms and limited use of his hands. 

Plaintiff brought suit against the general contractor, Phelps Construction Group (“Phelps”), Mehl Electric, and the Prudential Center. Mehl Electric owed contractual indemnity and additional insured coverage to Phelps. Plaintiff settled a portion of the case with Mehl Electric and its carriers for $21 million. Plaintiff’s claims against Phelps and the Prudential Center remain pending. The case settled in early September, 2021. 

Plaintiff’s attorney: Bruce H. Nagel and Greg M. Kohn of Nagel Rice, LLP. 

Mehl Electric’s attorneys: Mark Kundla and Robert Blanton of Hardin Kundla Mckeon & Poletto

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