news.law is a quick, easy way to get legal news – for free. We don’t bury busy attorneys with videos, staff-written articles and long, time-consuming material. news.law gives you current legal news that matters, for free, in one glance.

news.law offers the security and reliability of a centralized news source where attorneys can find information about the law online or via e-newsletter. We provide relief for busy attorneys so you don’t have to search multiple sources of legal news.

Why news.law

news.law makes it easy for attorneys to cover vast amounts of material, to find the specific news items they are interested in. news.law is a free site, while most other legal websites have a paywall.

The website is targeted to attorneys in the U.S. Specifically, those practicing civil plaintiff, criminal law, consumer law, political and legislative, and big law (AmLaw 200 law firms – litigation, risk and compliance, intellectual property, international law, transactional law, cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, regulatory and government affairs.)

  • Civil Plaintiff
  • Consumer Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Big Law
  • Political and Legislative

About Us

news.law is owned and operated by Legal Brands.

Legal Brands, Inc. is a vertically focused legal management company with focus in two major divisions: Consumer Legal Brands and Law Firm Services Brands.

Our Consumer Legal Brands Division provides front and back office support, management and marketing of lawyers, firms, legal projects and marketing campaigns that focus on lead generation, capture, quality and conversion.  Within this division, we also provide law firm services that focus on consumer legal services and products, co-council and referral relationships with law firms, and law firm brands for national and regional brick and mortar law offices.

Our Law Firm Services Brands Division owns, operates and manages over twenty legal associations, produces national publications and national legal conferences.

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