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A Russian Prison Releases American Paul Whelan From Solitary Confinement

Paul Whelan, a US citizen detained in Russia, has been released from solitary confinement and was able to speak with his parents, his brother David Whelan told CNN Sunday.

David Whelan said his brother, who had been detained in a Mordovian penal colony, was released either Thursday or Friday. He had not been able to speak to his family, his lawyer Olga Karlova for a month, or the US Embassy, and according to David Whelan he still has not spoken to the Embassy or Karlova.
“He seems to have survived solitary confinement none the worse for wear but he was wary on the phone,” David Whelan said in an email to CNN, adding that Paul “mentioned to our parents that his ability to call is ‘on sufferance’ and so perhaps he anticipates additional retribution.”
According to David Whelan, Paul does not know why he was put in solitary confinement.

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