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Activision Employee Sues Company Claiming Age and Race Discrimination

A former Activision Blizzard executive filed a lawsuit alleging he was a victim of retaliation and age discrimination when the company suddenly terminated him last year, Law360 reports.

Plaintiff James Reid Venable, 57, claims he was terminated because of the gaming company’s push to “get rid of ‘old white guys,’” even though he says he played an important role in the development of Call of Duty and was recognized as “a successful and highly regarded people manager, team builder and talent developer of Activision employees.”

Venable notes that Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotrick announced at a leadership conference that the company’s “problem” is that “there are too many old white guys.” Not long after Kotrick’s announcement, Venable says two white executives in their 50s left the company. One of the executives was Venable’s boss, who recommended Venable be promoted.

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