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Athlete Sues Panera, Claims Charged Lemonade Left Her With Permanent Heart Damage

Lauren Skerritt was a healthy, athletic 27-year-old hoping to soon start a family with her husband. Then she drank Panera’s Charged Lemonade, and, according to her lawsuit against the company, her future forever changed.

The occupational therapist alleges she was an active gymgoer with no medical conditions until she drank 2 1/2 cups of the beverage on April 8, 2023. Soon after, she says she began experiencing sudden, rapid heart palpitations, landing her in a Rhode Island hospital’s critical care unit where she first received treatment for atrial fibrillation — an irregular heartbeat that can lead to serious health problems like strokes.

Now Skerritt claims she has permanent cardiac injuries and episodes, bringing with them a slew of symptoms like shortness of breath, brain fog and a tremor in her left hand. Her daily life now includes taking medication to regulate her heart rate and rhythm, and her plans to have children with her husband have been put on hold due to the likelihood of having a complicated, high-risk pregnancy.

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