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Charity That Allegedly Gave 1 Cent of Every $1 to Cancer Victims Has Been Sued for Deceiving Donors

The Women’s Cancer Fund raised $18.3 million by vowing to help patients, telling donors that their money would help pay the living expenses of women going through treatment for the disease. But a new lawsuit from the FTC and 10 states allege that the bulk of the money instead went to pay the charity’s president and for-profit fundraisers.

The lawsuit, filed on March 11 in federal court, alleges that the Women’s Cancer Fund raised the money from 2017 to 2022 by making deceptive and misleading claims. In reality, the bulk of the donations went to the $775,139 salary of the charity’s president, Gregory Anderson, and to pay for-profit fundraisers $15.55 million, as well as overhead expenses, the lawsuit alleges.

“[O]f the $18.25 million donated to the Women’s Cancer Fund only $194,809 – roughly one percent – was spent directly on helping women with cancer,” the lawsuit claims.

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