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Chick-fil-A Settles a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Delivery Price Increases for $4.4 Million

Chick-fil-A reached a $4.4 million settlement in a class action lawsuit claiming the company advertised free or low-cost delivery of its food but then raised the prices of products only for delivery orders.

The settlement filing includes a $1.45 million cash fund and $2.95 million gift card fund, while Chick-fil-A does not admit guilt in the proceeding. Timely settlement claims will allow customers to choose between cash or gift card payments, while Chick-fil-A agreed to add a disclosure on its app and website stating that product prices may be higher for delivery orders.

The parties agreed to do both a website and direct email notice system to inform potential class members of the Chick-fil-A settlement. Chick-fil-A agreed to provide email addresses to the settlement administrator in order to inform class members.

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