Coronavirus Continues to Rage Across America As Trump Rages Against Election Results

As President Trump refuses to recognize an election he clearly lost, and as he shakes up his national security team once again, guess which issue he’s not paying attention to with 10 weeks remaining in his presidency.

The coronavirus.

For an eighth straight day, U.S. coronavirus cases Tuesday soared above 100,000. Hospitalizations hit a record high yesterday. And another 1,000-plus Americans died from the virus just yesterday alone.

Since Election Day, in fact, the United States has seen 878,000 new Covid-19 cases, 20,000 hospitalizations, and nearly 8,000 deaths. But the president hasn’t made public remarks since Thursday when he claimed — without any evidence — that Democrats were trying to steal the election from him. (Today, the lone event on his schedule is departing the White House to observe Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery.)

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