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Cox Communications Attempts to Overturn a Billion Dollar Copyright Ruling

The major labels have hit back at the latest attempt by US internet service provider Cox Communications to overturn the billion dollar judgement that was made against it as part of a big old copyright legal battle pursued by the music companies.

In fact, say the majors, the latest legal filing made by Cox last month which claimed “that plaintiffs procured their victory unfairly” is “meritless”. Not only that, Cox’s most recent motion in the case is “as counter-factual and disingenuous as Cox’s failed litigation strategy to portray itself as an ISP that respected copyrights, acted reasonably, and addressed repeat infringers effectively”.

“Cox vigorously litigated this case pursuant to that strategy and lost”, the majors go on. “Cox is not entitled to a ‘do-over’. Its last-ditch, say-anything attempt, based on smearing plaintiffs, plaintiffs’ counsel, plaintiffs’ expert, and a third-party fact witness, should be swiftly rejected”.

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