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CPAP Maker Reaches a $479 Million Partial Settlement Over Breathing Device Defects

Philips Respironics has agreed to a $479 million partial settlement on claims over flaws in the company’s breathing machines that spewed gases and flecks of foam into the airways of consumers and that spawned recalls involving millions of the devices, lawyers for plaintiffs in the lawsuit announced on Thursday.

As one segment of continuing class-action lawsuits over the devices, the agreement covers only monetary reimbursements to users of the devices and vendors who might have financed replacements for consumers, according to the lawyers. The economic claims amount is uncapped, which will permit other device users to apply for compensation.

This tentative settlement, which is subject to federal court approval, does not address other significant claims in the plaintiffs’ cases involving personal injury or the cost of medical care related to use of the breathing machines. Philips did not admit wrongdoing or liability as part of the proposed deal.

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